The Blue Grass Song Quiz

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©2015, Bradley Laird

Congratulations! If you got all 9 right you are some kind of idiot savant and are spending too much time in the bathroom with your copy of Bluegrass Unlimited. If you got 6-8 correct you know your stuff and have obviously been to a few bluegrass festivals. If you scored 3-5 you must be a newbie and that's nothing to be ashamed of. If you scored 0-2 perhaps you need glasses, or perhaps Google translator, and maybe you should stick to your Best of ABBA and Shaun Cassidy records. Click here to return to question #1.

bluegrass t-shirt designed by brad laird    

Wouldn't you like a T-shirt like this so you can stump your friends at the next bluegrass festival or jam session? Sorry, but I have produced them yet. It's on my list...

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Copyright 2014, Bradley Laird



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