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The best way to ask a me question or offer a suggestion is to email me.

It really helps when people slow down, explain their question carefully, refer to the specific eBook, video lesson, etc. by name--in other words give me some details--so I can help you in my first reply. Often I get short notes which require some mindreading ability and it only slows down the process.

Here's an example of one I got not too long ago: "brad i can't get the book". It took some back and forth to even determine which book, why, etc. Use the old reporter's who, what, when, where, why and how and you're more likely to get the answer you need. I want to help but I need concise, clear and complete questions when possible.

Next thing: Don't waste your time messaging me on Twitter or Facebook. I am over those. If you like them, great. Not me. Timewaster. Just email me. I look at that several times a day and it is rare if I don't respond pretty quickly. Oh, and posting a comment on my YouTube videos is great but asking a question is not going to work! There are videos I put up there over a decade ago and I haven't looked at in years. As I said, just email me. Or stop by the house. That works too.

That's it. Take care and if I can help you please let me know.

Email me (brad at bradleylaird dot com -- in case that little link doesn't work for you)

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