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Mandolin Song Book by Bradley Laird

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Expand your list of tunes! There are breaks in the book for all skill levels.

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The Mandolin Song Book (Digital Download)

This downloadable PDF ebook contains 32 solos for 27 Bluegrass, Old-Time, Celtic and Classic American favorites. Audio tracks are provided so you can hear how the songs go (most at multiple speeds).

This PDF book with MP3 audio contains a collection of songs for mandolin players. In it you’ll find a variety of styles of mandolin songs, from bluegrass to old-time fiddle tunes to Celtic tunes and classic American favorites, all arranged for the mandolin and written in tablature and standard notation.

Download the free preview to see the song list and contents and a few sample tunes.

The accompanying MP3 audio tracks demonstrate each song so you can get an idea of how the song sounds. You can also practice by playing along with the tracks.

Most of the tunes are played slowly and then at a more moderate tempo with rhythm guitar. Each song in the book shows the chord progression written above the music so that you can easily learn them or teach the chords to other players.

The arrangements run the gamut from downright easy to moderately challenging. There are tunes in this book for players of all skill levels. If you began the learning process by working through my "Mandolin Instruction Course", or my beginning video lessons, you should be ready to enjoy playing these mandolin songs.

Several of the tunes in this collection are presented as 2 different versions. First, there is a basic version to help you “get the gist” of the melody and then a more advanced, embellished version to add to your collection of mandolin licks. Some of the tunes, especially the bluegrass songs which may be sung in a variety of keys, are arranged in more than one key so you can learn to play solos in multiple keys.

Have fun and I hope to see you at a jam session soon!

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53 Page PDF eBook with 60 MP3 audio tracks.

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