Anti-gravity device for mandolins?

Posted by Bradley Laird

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Gravity. Certainly a force we must all reckon with. Consciously or unconsciously we all do.

Perhaps you have heard of Maurice Cotterell? Interesting cat. I listened to a podcast interview and have been fascinated by his explanation of gravity. I don't fully understand it (but who does!?) but I still suggest that you investigate his ideas for yourself. I particularly love studying his "elementary" one-page pdf regarding gravity...

maurice cotterell gravity chart

I love his illustration even though, I admit, I don't fully grasp it... yet. If I ever figure that out I will not be peddling "how to pick" books on the internet.

What does this have to do with mandolins, banjos and so forth?

Well, even a newborn baby soon discovers that what goes up must come down. My mother claimed that I tested the effects of gravity by tossing glass baby bottles across the room from my crib. Delightlfully, I smashed a few of them she recalled.

As musicians we have to contend with that "mean old Mister Gravity" every time we pick up our instrument. The darned things simply will not levitate where we want them so we have to put some kind of a strap on them.

Here are some anti-gravity mandolin devices shown in my book The Mandolin Handbook:

mandoln straps

If you have fiddled around trying to figure out the best way (and there are dozens of ways!) to stick a strap on your mandolin, take a look at this little sample 3 page excerpt from my book The Mandolin Handbook which discusses my simplistic approach to defeating the effects of gravity on my mandolin.

The 3 page sample PDF is here.

The entire 80 page eBook is here.

Take care and may the force be with you. I wonder if Maurice plays the mandolin?


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