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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

Announcing the new Mandolin Treasure Chest collection:

I discussed this new collection in great detail in a recent episode of my podcast.

Get all 9 eBooks + 24 video lessons at a huge savings. Click for info.


brad laird mandolin master class

Not just information... transformation!

Do you wish you were a better mandolin player?

Do you wish you could confidently play breaks to songs you don't know?

Are you puzzled by those "good" players who seem to know every song?

Do you wonder why they never seem to miss a chord change?

Do they seem to be having more fun than you?

Do you wonder how to practice songs you've never even heard?

What do they know that you don't know?

Is there some hidden knowledge that you are missing? This learning system is packed with information, but information alone will not do the job. You need information that leads to transformation! We're talking concepts...

What good players understand and use are concepts. Understandings. Important concepts. When you begin to understand them you will experience transformation.

Are you ready? Even beginners can put these concepts to work immediately!

complete mandolin learning system

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Save BIG by ordering my

Complete Learning System!


Most mandolin students start by learning a few chords and some basic tunes. There is nothing wrong with that. But, inevitably, students come to me with the same big questions...

How do I learn to improvise? How do I get my fingers to do what I want them to do? And how do I practice so I actually make real progress?

"Mandolin Master Class" is designed to take you from the "tunes & chords" way of thinking into the world of improvisation.

Don't take my word for the book... read what other mandolin players say.

Click on the link and read a complete description. You can also view a free preview of the downloadable ebook! Better yet, pick up the Complete Learning System. The system is all designed to work together. You'll save a pile and you can start today!

Note to newbies: If you are new to the mandolin I suggest that you go through Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course first. If you alread know how to read tab, chord charts and can play a few tunes you are ready for Master Class and Training Camp.


"Mandolin Training Camp" continues the path started in "Master Class" and is all about getting your fingers to do what you tell them to do. Both titles come with unique play-along tracks to allow you to practice what you learn.

Maybe you are some child prodigy who was born to play. But, if you are not, and are having some trouble convincing your fingers to behave, try this book. I have never had a single person return the book or ask for their money back and I doubt I ever will. It works! If (and I emphasize the word "if") you actually use it.

"Mandolin Excursion" is a book of 44 tunes and bluegrass solos to increase your stash of licks, add new tunes to your repertoire, and get your fingers going to some new places in a musical way! Mandolin Excursion builds improvising skills through the "back door" of accumulating licks and note sequences that you will find many applications for in the tunes you play.

Sick of playing the same old tunes? Wan't to hear something new come from your mandolin? Try out these tunes. It's not a book full of the same ol' things! Yes, there are some standards, but there are some things that will surprise you as you try them out. Fun stuff!


"The Mandolin Handbook" is an 80 page owner's manual for mandolin players. Full of do-it-yourself instructions for getting the maximum sound and playability out of your mandolin. Includes information on accessories, cleaning, repairs, and caring for your instrument. Profusely illustrated. There is information in this book for mandolin players of all levels. Available as a digital PDF file! You can order and start reading the book today!

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All books and audio tracks are now available as Digital Downloads!

The books and audio tracks have all been converted to digital files for immediate delivery via the internet. The prices of the books have all been lowered and you will not pay for shipping. You can get started today instead of sitting around waiting on the UPS guy! You are able to purchase any of my products with credit card or your PayPal balance through the PayPal checkout process.

mandolin treasure chest

This package contains 8 hours and 52 minutes of video instruction, 212 MP3 audio tracks and 568 pages in PDF form.

This collection contains everything I would teach a student over the course of 18-24 months of private lessons depending on their willingness to practice and learn the material. Learn this stuff and you WILL BE a competent mandolin player!


This new package now includes ALL of my eBooks and Courses PLUS 24 Video Lessons. It's a whopper. You can read about everything it contains by clicking here.

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Even if you are past customer who purchased the Complete Learning System you can save a boat load of money with this new package. Just the 24 video lessons alone would are valued at $192 ($8 x 24) if you bought them 1 at a time. Do yourself a favor and read more about it.



beginning mandolin instruction course


If you have never played a note on a mandolin, please take a look at my Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course. These are the exact lessons I use with my own students and are the perfect preparation for the material in my other books.

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You get my 43 page eBook with 36 audio tracks. It also includes a tuning track and 3 metronome tracks. You can check out the full description and see a free preview by clicking this link.

Mandolin Song Book


This Mandolin Song Book is designed to be a perfect follow up for those who have the basics and are looking for more tunes and songs to play. 32 mandolin solos in standard notation and tablature with 60 audio tracks recorded by Bradley Laird along with a rhythm guitar. Learn more songs and licks!

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You get my 53 page eBook with 60 audio tracks. You can check out the full description and see a free preview by clicking this link.

This eBook of Christmas Songs makes an ideal companion to the Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course...

christmas songs for mandolin


My son and I just finished creating this Christmas Songs for Mandolin eBook. Playing these super-familiar songs will really help you learn to play your mandolin.

Unlike some of the bluegrass songs which you may not know, you WILL know these songs and that makes playing them easier.

Read all about it by clicking here or click the buy now button. (A free preview is available when you click the buy now button.)

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29 page PDF file, $8


You may also want to take advantage of my Personal Feedback Solution:

Bradley Laird's Personal Feedback Solution


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