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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

Not just information... transformation!

complete mandolin learning system

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"Mandolin Scale Exercises

in 12 Keys"*

*This bonus book is only available when you purchase the complete system.





Complete Mandolin Learning System

Digital Download Package

Package Includes ALL of this...

Mandolin Master Class + 11 Tracks (Value $20)

Mandolin Training Camp + 15 Tracks (Value $20)

Mandolin Excursion (Value $15)

The Mandolin Handbook (Value $15)

24 Digital Metronome Tracks (Value $10)

Jam Session Survival Kit (Value $5)


Mandolin Scale Exercises in 12 Keys (Value $10)

This bonus book is only available with this package. Each page is divided into 5 exercises. If you study this book you'll learn to play mandolin in all 12 keys and you'll learn to play scales in two octaves. Your understanding of the fingerboard and how to shift positions will advance significantly simply by learning to play these exercises. All exercises are written in tab and standard notation along with left hand fingering indications. Retail value of this bonus book is $10 but it is included as a free bonus when you order The Complete Mandolin Learning System Digital Download package.

6 Printable PDF file format books with 44 MP3 tracks, 179.7 MB file size.

Save $45 When You Order This Download Package. $95 Value for Only $50!

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