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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

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Brad Laird's Metronome MP3 Tracks Collection

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Add these MP3 tracks to your iPod or iPhone and practice on the go.




Metronome on Audio MP3 Tracks as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

A set of 24 speed digitally produced metronome on MP3 tracks created by Brad Laird. Play on your own iPod, iPad, stereo or computer sound system. You control the volume so you can hear the sound over your instrument. A must for loud instruments.

Makes a perfect "programmed" practice session as the tracks automatically advance from one speed to the next. Acts like a timer for your practice! Track speeds range from 40 to 160 beats per minute. Each track is 3 minutes long. Arranged with smaller increments in speed as the tracks advance to more difficult levels. Practice tips and track/speed chart enclosed.

24 MP3 tracks, 103.4 MB file size.

Complete set of 24 MP3 tracks is only $10

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iPad users should read these tips before purchasing. If you have a problem downloading or completing the purchase Email me.

If you order the Complete Learning System you get all 6 of my books + 44 MP3 audio tracks for only $50! Get details here...



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