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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

Not just information... transformation!

Brad Laird's Mandolin Master Class

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The DIGITAL Mandolin Master Class (PDF Book & MP3 Tracks) Written by Bradley Laird.

Learn to improvise! Understand the important concepts, basic practical music theory, use of the major scale, use of the pentatonic scale, how to "fake" a solo with no wrong notes, how to navigate the fingerboard using "triangulation", how to use the Circle of 5ths, how to use the "number system" for chord progressions, how to construct scales and chords, how to practice effectively and how to decide "what to play."

Theory section has 6 self-tests (with answers) to be sure you understand the material. Written in an easy to understand conversational style. Oriented towards bluegrass but useful for all mandolin styles.

The 11 included MP3 Audio Tracks contain chord backup tracks for practicing what you learn, "test driving" your improvisation over various chord progressions, ear training exercises, and even a multi-speed metronome.

One of the unique audio tracks which Master Class includes is what Brad calls "The Equalizer." This is a bluegrass rhythm track that travels through all 12 major chords following the "circle of fifths" progression. If you ever felt hindered by the small number of keys you can comfortably play in, this track will help!

Mandolin Master Class is 65 pages of information, charts, tables, and exercises. All exercises and examples are written in tablature. No standard music notation.

Printable PDF file format with 11 MP3 tracks, 34.6 MB file size.

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