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Comments from readers...


I have both "Training Camp" and "Master Class" and they are far superior to the thirty or so other mandolin books I purchased. Master Class nails the theory and Training Camp provides a sound practice roadmap. These two books coupled with whatever songs I'm working on provide all the instruction needed in a "USABLE" format. I just finished reading all your newsletters and, of course, they are humorous and functional. You've done all us mandonuts a great service. Thank You!!!


Hello Brad,

I just want to tell what a great book "the mandolin masterclass" is. In my opinion this is the best book out there. I'm buying another one for a struggling friend. All is can say it's about time that someone did this instead of just putting out stuff that really doesn't help people. I have been looking for a training aid like this for years now.


Dennis - Central Oregon

Many thanks Brad!

I bought Mandolin masterclass and workbook and have started running through them. Very good material - well thought through and presented. A thinking man's mando book. I like it. I'll be sticking with your material for a while I think!

Many thanks,

Andy Lewis-- New Zealand

Hi Brad,

I just received my copy of Mandolin Master Class and have been reading and working my way throught it. It's just the thing I've been looking for. Prior to this, I'd just been seeking patterns up the neck that worked. It was all quite random and hit-and-miss. Your book has really brought order to my chaotic method of developing my improvisational skills.

Most instruction books and videos that I have come in contact with seem to focus on memorizing someone's version of fiddle tunes, note-by-note. This does very little to help develop an understanding of why the notes are being played in that order. I get bored very quickly with this sort of "instruction." Thanks for the great book. It's a treasure.



Vancouver, Canada


I received the book and CD yesterday. I've only had limited time to browse through, but what I read really clicked. You and I think similarly when it comes to the mando fretboard, and I can see this will be of great help to me. I'll give you progress reports as time passes. Thank you again for this wonderful collection of ideas.


Napa, CA

Hi Brad,

Just a quick note to let you know the book arrived and I have been working w/ it already and I love it! Thanks so much for making this great instructional tool available.


Jacksonville, FL


I just wanted to let you know that I got your book on Friday, two days after you shipped it. Thanks for being so prompt! I haven't gone all the way through the book yet, but I definitely like what I've seen so far. I'm just now getting into the "safe stones" to traverse when certain chords are being played - which is one of the burning questions I'm trying to get answered. I've been wanting to know what other notes I can safely noodle around with when playing a melody note. Thanks also for the suggestion to S..L..O..W down and analyze how I play each note. Your list of things to think about has helped me already. I'll write again after I've made it through the book, but I just wanted you to know that I got the book and consider it a valuable learning tool which is worth the money. You can quote me if you like.

Take care,


Fuquay Varina, NC

Hi Brad

I received the book in Hawaii yesterday. So far it seems very useful and easy to follow. You need to find a publisher! I have a music theory for modern mandolin book, but it is not nearly as easy to follow. Your book has already helped clarify a few concepts I'd been taught in private lessons, but had not fully grasped until now. Hopefully the rest of the book is as insightful




Thank you for your work, it was very helpful. I will use it also as a reference tool. This work helped by clarifying some of the aspects of music theory which is essential to good musicianship. The analogy of using the Pentatonic scales as "stepping" stones is excellent. I felt much more comfortable trying to improvise on songs using this method. While I was banging out some sort of melody to a tune that was in my mind, using this method helped me know where I could "step" and not stink!



Chattanooga, TN

Dear Brad:

Thank you for mailing your instructional book to me so quickly. It looks excellent. A perfect blend of theory and practice. I also have Ohmsen's Music Theory for Modern Mandolin, but it is better for reference. Your book is now is my theory and practice book for every day use (although I'll keep learning all those tunes in Roland White's book also). I am attending the Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp in June and intend to talk up your instructional manual.

I thought you were joking about the cover, so I was surprised to see it. Hmmm, maybe it will give your manual a quasi legendary status in mando circles. I will send you an update on my progress with it in few months. Thanks for putting in the hard work creating this book.


Dallas, TX

Hello Brad,

I bought your 'Mandolin Master Class' Book and found it to be the most helpful 'theory' type book I've come across. I will likely order your new 'Mandolin Training Camp' Book shortly, but please send me your newsletter in the meantime.

Thank you, Donee

I retired 5 years ago and last year I purchased a Morgan Monroe carved collector's F- style (Cherry burst) mandolin, found a highly recommended teacher, and took lessons for about 3 months before I realized he favored the Guitar. So since then I have been struggling on my own, not making much progress until I discovered your books. With the practice regimen you have outlined I should see some progress in a "month, year, or decade." Thanks for sharing your knowledge and humor, with those of us who are struggling to become better mandolin players.


Springville, Utah

Thanks Brad.

Got it in the mail today.  I wasn't expecting it till next week.  So this is great. Maybe I'll work my way up from a lucky monkey to a half-way intelligent one.  :)

Thanks again.


Howdy Bradley,

I am relatively new to the mando. I have been playing for about a year.Last summer I was able to attend Camp Bluegrass at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas for a week. The mando instructors were Joe Carr, Gerald Jones, and Steve Smith. It was great fun. I never saw a television or heard a radio, just played music all week. I was looking for some more theory oriented instructional material. After previewing your Master Class and Training Camp offerings, I was pleased to see it was exactly what I was looking for. I don't want to get stuck in the rut of learning new tunes by rote memorization, note for note. I want to develop the ability and the skills to be a better musician. This would allow me to actually be more creative and actually play music, rather than being the untrained monkey on the mando! I am excited about getting your material and I would ask that you please add my e-mail address to your newsletter mailing list. Thanks much for the energy and work you have expended to make this all available.



If you have a comment or suggestion please let me know by sending me an email. I'd love to hear from you!


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