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Brad Laird's Mandolin Instruction Course

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These are the exact lessons which Brad teaches to his private lesson students.

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The DIGITAL Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course

Many people who have used my books Mandolin Master Class and Mandolin Training Camp have asked whether I have a beginning mandolin course which approaches learning in the same manner. I wrote this course about 10 years ago for my own students because I was not completely happy with the beginning mandolin books that were available.

This course is an expanded and revised version of the free lessons found on my website plus audio tracks so you can hear the notes and rhythm. All of the exercises and tunes have been re-typeset in larger format and new material has been added.

One of the best features of this course are the embedded audio tracks which allow you to hear the notes and rhythm of every exercise and song in the book! All of the audio demonstration tracks are also supplied as MP3 tracks so that you can add them to your iTunes or any MP3 player.

The lessons are organized to teach you the basics in such a way that you are prepared for my other mandolin instruction material and to give you the skills and information you'll need to advance towards becoming a good player.

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In addition to learning tunes and chords, this instruction course is designed to teach you to play the instrument, not just how to pick a few tunes.

I also include a special set of beginner chop chords designed to be playable by people with small hands. These "small hands" chords are not the two finger chords you may already know, but are compact chord shapes which span a smaller number of frets and can be moved all over the neck. If you have had trouble with the "big chop chords" you'll really appreciate these!

As you learn to play the songs and exercises you'll also get a lot of additional information about scales, playing in other keys, and how to practice effectively so that you make real progress. The course also includes a tuning track and 3 metronome tracks. There are also links in the PDF file to some valuable free videos which will help you understand how to play the material in the lessons.

If you are enjoying the free lessons online, you'll really like having this course which you can print out or use on your computer without having to be connected to the internet.

43 pages, 8.5" x 11", Printable PDF file format with 36 MP3 audio tracks.

That's a lot of stuff for only $15. (Free worldwide delivery via internet.)


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