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Bradley Laird's Mandolin Treasure Chest

Mandolin Treasure Chest

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Mandolin Instructional Treasure Chest

by Bradley Laird.

This instructional package is designed for beginner and intermediate mandolin students who really want to learn how to play. So many students spend a significant amount of money on their instrument, tuners, case, strap, music stand, etc. and then fail or lag way behind (or quit) because they have not made the investment in learning materials.

Or the student fails to progress because they choose the wrong materials in the wrong order for their needs.

This package is designed to solve all of those problems. You'll have everything you need. You'll know the best order in which to proceed. You'll have "skin in the game". Once a person invests in a long term learning process there is a sense of internal obligation that forms.

Listen to the podcast where I discuss this:

I discussed the Mandolin Treasure Chest at length in this bonus episode of my Grass Talk Radio podcast. Listen to the episode here and you'll get the picture:

Note: The special introductory price for the first 30 students which I mentioned in this podcast has expired. But, you can still get a 20% discount through 12/20/20 by using coupon code "treasure20" at check out.

Here is everything the Treasure Chest contains:

(Click any title for a full description of any item.)

24 Video Lessons with Tracks, Tab & Standard Notation PDF (8 hours and 52 min. total)

Beginning Mandolin 1
Beginning Mandolin 2
Beginning Mandolin 3
Beginning Mandolin 4
Moveable Major & Minor Chords
Barre Chords & 7th Chords
Cripple Creek
Chop Chords for Small Hands
Exploring Doublestops 1
Exploring Doublestops 2
Sally Gooden
Red Haired Boy
Old Joe Clark
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Sittin On Top Of The World - 2 Keys
Salt Creek
Blackberry Blossom
Moveable Blues Licks
Playing With Building Blocks
Soloing in Moveable Positions
Chords By The Numbers
Chord Triangulation 1
Chord Triangulation 2

The Lesson Checklist PDF with my suggested order of study is included too!

Also includes these 10 PDF eBooks (568 pages)

Mandolin Instruction Course with Tracks
Mandolin Master Class with Tracks
Mandolin Training Camp with Tracks
The Mandolin Handbook
Mandolin Excursion
Jam Session Survival eBook (Classic & Mobile Editions)
Scale Exercises in 12 Keys eBook
Bluegrass Family Band Song eBook
Christmas Songs for Mandolin eBook

This package contains 8 hours and 52 minutes of video instruction, 212 MP3 audio tracks and 568 pages in PDF form.

This collection contains everything I would teach a student over the course of 18-24 months of private lessons depending on their willingness to practice and learn the material. Learn this stuff and you WILL BE a competent mandolin player!

These items would cost $361 if purchased individually.

Get the entire Treasure Chest for only $135. (That is a savings of over $225!)

To download the Mandolin Treasure Chest click the button below.

Mandolin Treasure Chest

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IMPORTANT: This digital download is very large. It is nearly 4 GB of videos, audio tracks and PDF ebooks. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the download to take place.

To make the download easier I have divided the entire collection into 4 individual ZIP files. Be sure to download all 4 files.

The first file contains all of the eBooks and the lesson plan. The other three files contain the video lessons.

Also, be sure to use your laptop or desktop computer and be sure you have sufficient free disk space available.

The video files are QuickTime and can be played by most computer video players but they work best on the free version of QuickTime player which is available for Windows or Mac. The audio tracks are standard MP3 format and the eBooks are PDF files.

Once you have downloaded the 4 files and unzipped them you can optionally transfer any of the items to your mobile device as needed.

If you have any doubts about how to do the download process you could always go here and download a single file first to try out the process for free.

The files are delivered via If you have any trouble with the technical process please contact them at

If you have any questions about the content and learning material please contact me.

To download the Mandolin Treasure Chest click the button below.

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If you prefer to select individual items, everything is available here at my online store.







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