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The Ten Jammandments Discussed

Written by Bradley Laird, is a 65 page PDF eBook which expands upon a classic set of rules for bluegrass jam sessions that has been circulating in the bluegrass community for years.

The original "Ten Jammandments" (Thou shalt tune thy instrument, etc.) deserved a more full discussion and further explanation. I have taken the liberty of applying my 40+ years of bluegrass jamming to writing a series of in-depth explanations of these excellent basic ten rules for surviving, enjoying and fitting in at bluegrass jam sessions.

free bluegrass jamming ebook

Jam sessions can be a bit mysterious and intimidating for the new player and it is my hope that this publication will help you better understand how jam sessions are organized, what the usual etiquette is when jamming, what is appropriate behavior and a lot more.

I tell a few stories, give lots of examples and I trust that you will enjoy bluegrass jamming more after reading it.

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Note: This PDF is available for downloading on a "pay what you want" basis. If money is tight feel free to download it for free. If you read it and find it really useful, spread the word about the book, and donate if you choose, or purchase some of my other bluegrass instructional products. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the read.

Here is a little podcast I recorded talking more about the Ten Jammandments. You might want to listen to it, and all of my other podcasts, too!

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