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MandoUniversity News Archive


MandoUniversity News Archives

Note to all visitors: Back around December 2008 I decided to discontinue publication of the MandoUniversity News newsletter. With the birth of my latest offspring, Jackson Monroe Laird, and my activities with my bands Cedar Hill, Pony Express, and The Incorrigible String Band... and my online video mandolin, banjo and other productions at, I simply didn't have the time to sit in front of the Mac and tap out mando-centric thought for the newsletter. It was fun to write and there are lots of interesting things in these archives if you take the time to look them over.

Update: April 2017 I have restarted the newsletter, this time in an email format. After you dig through these old gems please click here and see the new version and subscribe for free!

Brad Laird

Archives (PDF format)

Issue 1 Issue 5 Issue 9 Issue 13
Issue 2 Issue 6 Issue 10 Issue 14
Issue 3 Issue 7 Issue 11 Issue 15
Issue 4 Issue 8 Issue 12 Issue 16

Here is a link to the MP3 file I made of "Cold Hard Cash" which is mentioned in Issue 14.


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