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A nice Kurtzmann grand from the 1920's in progress...

Whew! Who ever thought of painting this piano green?
The Process of Restoration Begun...

Rebuilding involves the extensive replacement of many parts of the piano, including a new pin block, new strings, new hammers, new dampers, etc. The finish sometimes is redone as well. The purpose of rebuilding is to bring the piano back to a like-new condition. Rebuilding differs from reconditioning in that a reconditioned piano keeps any old parts which are still in working condition. Projects such as these take a fair amount of time (3-12 months). I would be happy to discuss the process with you if you have a piano that you think is a good candidate for such restorative work. Many fine old pianos exist, but of course there are a lot of pianos that do not justify the expense of rebuilding.In cases where a complete rebuild is not justified basic repairs can usually be made to make the instrument playable without spending a huge sum of money.

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