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SOLD! 1938 Hobart M. Cable Vertical Piano SOLD!
SOLD ! 1973 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano SOLD!
Description: (Ser. #147062) This particular piano was made in 1938 in LaPorte Indiana by the Hobart M. Cable company before the days of plastic parts and particle board cases. The company started making pianos in 1900. The case is veneered in mahogony and has been refinished by someone fairly recently. The white keys have also been replaced, probably at the same time as the refinishing. For a small piano I think this piano sounds better than average. I have heard some really crummy spinets and this is not one of them. I am not saying it sounds like a 7 foot Steinway, but for a spinet it has good tone.

The action is in pretty good shape. I did some adjusting and a few minor repairs and all is working OK. As with most older vertical pianos, the damper felts are getting old and don't do as good of a job of cutting off the notes as it did back in 1938. I have not replaced the set of damper felts because they are working OK and I hate to add that cost to the piano and take it out of someone's financial reach. I would be happy to quote you a price on replacing the dampers if you decided you wanted that done.

The piano comes with a bench. It has a folding (non-locking) fallboard. The piano will need to be retuned after it has acclimated to it's new home's humidity conditions, but that is true for almost all pianos.

Price includes the bench, but not the moving. Moving is available by professional movers (call me for references) or you can do it yourself. The piano probably weighs in around 450 lbs which is about as light as they come. This piano would be ideal for a casual player or a student needing a piano to practice on.


Description: This is the Seventy-Three, Mark I Stage Piano. It is obvious that this had not been beat up by hauling around to gigs. In fact, while working on the piano I noticed that the protective plastic over the control panel plate had never been peeled off! (I peeled it off)The piano is in good working order. I replaced a few missing tuning tines and hammer tips and adjusted some of the dampers. The road case is in good shape. The legs store in a compartment in the lid. The original sustain pedal has been replaced by another that works pretty good. If someone wants an "original" style sustain pedal, they are available on the web.

I would be happy to email additional photos to anyone interested in the instrument.


Price $750 (with bench, delivery not incl.) **SOLD** Price $700 (must pick up, too large for UPS) **SOLD**



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1927 Cunningham Baby Grand - This piano is SOLD.

Description: 4' 11" baby grand. French provintial style carved legs and lyre.

Genuine ivory keys in good shape. I have re-felted the key bushings and replaced most of the action felt. Finish shows signs of age. Possible candidate for someone to refinish as a project. I wouldn't do it if it were up to me. I look at the finish like grey hairs. You earn them and they prove "you have been there." Action has been repaired and given a general cleanup. Nice for someone wanting an older piano to compliment the style of an old home.

Price $1,500 (moving is not included.)


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