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Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio Podcast are you faking it?

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Episode 41 - Dear John...

My friend John Teate allowed me to use this episode to "slice and dice" his playing. There are a lot of "Johns" out there and the advice I give might help you too! Are you faking it when you could be "nailing it"? Food for thought. Have fun and let me know you are out there.

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Links for this episode:

In the episode I mentioned learning 9 Pound Hammer in the the key of B. Here is that lesson. (I mis-spoke in the episode and said the lesson taught it in 2 keys but I was thinking of this one on Sittin' On Top Of The World.)

Here's a demo of the 9 Pound Hammer in B lesson:

If you are like John, and find you need to learn some of the most popular tunes, you'll find all of my "song lessons" here:

Beginning Series and here:

Intermediate Series




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