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Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio Podcast

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The free podcast for people who play bluegrass music or want to!

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I produce this audio show to present ideas, motivation and information to my own website visitors, students, and users of my instructional materials without the strict time constraints of videos.

Many of the topics are useful for anyone learning to play any style of music, but I am focused on what I personally know the most about and that is bluegrass!

I have been a student, a performer and a teacher for 4 decades and am sharing my thoughts on things ("thinks") for people who play mandolin, banjo, bass, guitar, reso guitar. I take some "side trips" but the show is about learning to play bluegrass and for folks who play it!

Dive right in and you're bound to learn some new things and look at things in some different ways.

Click on an episode to view the show notes and listen. The newest episode is at the bottom of this list.

Episode 1 - Dealing With Discouragement

In this episode I discuss what to do when you get disgusted with your playing and what to do about it.

Episode 2 - The Ugly Truth

In this episode I talk about something not many people are willing to tell you. You will end up doing "a" or "b". No question.

Episode 3 - Looking in the Mirror

In this episode I discuss self-analysis of your abilities and knowledge as a musician and why this is important.

Episode 4 - How To Fail or The Road Less Taken

This episode discusses, at length, two fellows who start out on the trail of becoming bluegrass musicians. Oh, how their paths begin to diverge early!

Episode 5 - Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

In this episode I look at how we train our subconscious mind through repetition, and discuss how (or if) it is possible to make changes at various stages of our musical lives. It's pretty eye opening to consider how many notes you'll play in your life!

Episode 6 - Looking for Shortcuts

In this episode I talk about the merits of seeking shortcuts versus meandering along your musical path. Enjoy!

Episode 7 - Supercharge Your Playing with "The Chip"

This episode describes, for the first time, my new "invention" I call The Chip. Then we go on a mental excursion exploring some of the "mechanical shortcuts" which have appeared over the years. Fun stuff!

Episode 8 - Documenting Your Progress

In this episode I discuss the concept of documenting your playing to measure your progress. Progress can be difficult to notice on a day by day basis and if you see real progress you'll keep at it!

Episode 9 - A Partner In Crime

In this episode I discuss how vital it is to find yourself a cohort. Someone to knock around with. Someone who "gets it" like you do! (Plus it saves your spouse and family from having to hear your endless discussions of BLUEGRASS.)

Episode 10 - Practice Versus Playing

If you don't know the real difference between practicing and playing you're always going to be second rate at best. I want you to be first rate! In this episode I discuss how we learn, the difference between practice and playing, and why some people advance and others lag behind. Enjoy!

Episode 11 - David Ellis Interview

In this episode I sit down with multi-instrumental bluegrass musician and teacher David Ellis for a conversation about teaching and learning. Enjoy!

Episode 12 - See The Elephant

In this episode I describe a few of my early bluegrass festival experiences, how it felt to be a complete idiot, and how I "saw the elephant". Enjoy!

Episode 13 - Field Guide to Bluegrass Jammers

In this episode I get into the motives for attending jam sessions and describe the 12 types of folks you will encounter at bluegrass jam sessions. How many of these species have you seen "in the field" and which type are you? Have fun!

Episode 14 - Jack of All Trades

In this episode I discuss the pros and cons of playing one bluegrass instrument versus trying to learn all of them. Like many topics, I think this will get you thinking in some new ways. Enjoy!

Episode 15 - Choosing a Guide

Whether you are crossing the Great Plains in a covered wagon, or learning to play an instrument, it is a great benefit to choose a guide who has made the journey before you. Enjoy!

Episode 16 - Scott Tichenor Interview

Scott Tichenor is one of the unsung heroes of the internet. His website, has influenced and brought together untold thousands of mandolin enthusiasts. Enjoy the chat!

Episode 17 - Bill Monroe and Other Tales

I finish telling the story about the semi-nightmarish, yet fun, jam session on Little Roy Lewis' back porch and then I tell about the first three times I saw Bill Monroe perform. Every bluegrasser needs a working knowledge and appreciation for the man Bill Monroe, pater familias. Oddball episode, I know, but kinda fun.

Episode 18 - Mike Marshall Interview

In this episode I share a conversation with world class musician Mike Marshall. We chat about how he got started, how he learned to play, how he became plugged in to the bluegrass and the "Dawg Music" scene and lots of other stuff. Enjoy!

Episode 19 - Easier Said Than Done

In this episode I talk about some simple things you can do to improve your playing. Simple to say, perhaps a bit harder to put into practice. I suppose this advice is similar to the 10 commandments. Easy to say. You can jot 'em down on two stone tablets. Doing them? Well, that might be a tad more difficult.

Episode 20 - Pete Martin Interview

This episode introduces you to the world of Pete Martin. Pete is an accomplished fiddler, mandolinist, teacher, and publisher of instructional materials. I think you will find some useful ideas in this interview. Have fun!

Episode 21 - Something Phishy

The stories in this episode reveal how easy it is to be really ignorant of certain things. I tell the tale of our band opening for Phish and also talk about my father. Enjoy the show!

Episode 22 - Luthier Todd Lunneborg

A long chat with luthier Todd Lunneborg about instrument setup, adjustment, repair, building, his writing for Fretboard Journal, and more! This show is pretty long but worth the listen. Enjoy the show!

Episode 23 - Play Ball! - The Baseball & Bluegrass Connection

This episode is a look at the similarities between baseball and bluegrass. It's a team sport! I also tell a few stories and put things in historical context. Enjoy the show!

Episode 24 - Thoughts on Improvisation

In this episode I talk about the art of music improvisation and how it compares to speech. I try to help you make sense of "hillbilly jazz" and give you tips to become better at it. Enjoy the show!

Episode 25 - A Table Needs Three Legs

This podcast episode is about balance and stability. What are the three primary supports you need to develop to be a good musician? Discover your strengths and weaknesses and you'll progress faster and further. Enjoy the show!

Episode 26 - Simon Mayor Interview

It's good to get out of your "bluegrass bubble" once in a while and peer into the camps of nearby styles. Simon Mayor is an excellent mandolinist from the opposite side of the Atlantic and we sit down and talk mandolins, learning to play music, bluegrass in Europe, and a lot more. Enjoy the show!

Episode 27 - Real Listening

In this episode I lead you on an exploration into the art of listening. Learning how to focus, filter, isolate or hear "the whole" will make you a better musician. Enjoy the show!

Episode 28 - Bob Putnam Interview

In this episode I sit down at the kitchen table with my good friend Bob Putnam and talk bluegrass and art. Bob, as an artist, sculptor and art educator, has a knack for describing these fascinating similarities. Enjoy the show!

Episode 29 - Self-Hypnosis with Sam Brown

You might wonder what a Berklee School of Music grad, a professional drummer from the UK, hypnotic trance, and Boris the Military Pod have to do with bluegrass. Meet Sam Brown, creator of the Self-Hypnosis for Musicians audio program. We venture down the rabbit hole of how the mind works. Enjoy the show!

Episode 30 - Bands Versus Jams

In this episode I explore the differences between the bluegrass you hear at jam sessions versus the bluegrass you hear performed by bands. I also describe the stages of development as a bluegrass player and tell a couple of stories. Also, I feature a full tune by the Savannah, Georgia band City Hotel. Enjoy the show!

Episode 31 - Alkafluence of Inkahol

In this episode I tell the story of one my early brushes with one of the giants of country music. We were wet behind the ears and learned a few things about reality that day way back in July of 1980. Have fun and enjoy the show!

Episode 32 - Instrument Horror Stories

In this episode I describe "the luthier's best friend", various entertaining and wacky instrument destruction tales, and give a bit of advice regarding care of your axe. Have fun and enjoy the show!

Episode 33 - Starting a Part-Time Band

If you've listened to Bands vs Jams you may be entertaining thoughts about whether to try to get involved in an existing band or start one from scratch. In this episode I try to offer up some ideas to help you join the ranks of "band member."

Episode 34 - Monarchy Versus Democracy

This episode continues the theme of how to operate a part-time or semi-pro bluegrass band. Even if you are not in a band, or don't want to be, you still might find this interesting. Also includes some rap on tips buckets, what is "folk" and two bands with the same name.

Episode 35 - Stringology 101

You could have an $100,000 instrument but without our lowly, mistreated and under-appreciated friend The String, you pretty much have nothing! Here's my rap on strings.

Episode 36 - The Schedule Master

When someone calls you they don't want to hear "Well, let me check with the guys..." Get your act together and try the Schedule Master System! It is simple and saves TONS of calls back and forth.

Episode 37 - Think About It

At times all bluegrass vocalists are guilty of singing lyrics without really imagining what they are singing about. It's easy to concentrate on how you are singing and forget the important element of what you are singing.

Episode 38 - Sink or Swim

Sometimes it is good to jump in feet first and just hope you can make it to the ladder! Sometimes it's good to think things over first. Dive right in and have fun!

Episode 39 - Let's Rehearse

After a bit of commentary on the state of the world I fully hash out what it takes to rehearse your band so you can perform at your best. Have fun and let me know you are out there!

Episode 40 - Geoff Hohwald Interview

Geoff Hohwald is one of the pioneers in banjo instructional material and an interesting character in the bluegrass world. Join me as I shoot the breeze with Geoff at my kitchen table.

Episode 41 - Dear John...

My friend John Teate allowed me to use this episode to "slice and dice" his playing. There are a lot of "Johns" out there and the advice I give might help you too! Are you faking it when you could be "nailing it"? Food for thought. Thanks, John!

Episode 42 - Playing Over P.A. Systems

This episode discusses the mindset and skills you need to play over other people's P.A. systems--when you are starting out that will be most of your gigs. This episode will help you deal with the reality of that situation.

Episode 43 - P.A. System Basics

This episode will walk you through the entire signal chain of a typical bluegrass P.A. setup. It concludes with a short course in microphones.

Episode 44 - Who You Hang Around With Counts

In this episode I discuss how other people rub off on each other, musically and otherwise. This is one of the keys to improvement.

Episode 45 - Crafting a Good Set List

Poorly thought out set lists, or just wingin' it, may lead to less than great performances. In this episode I share my thoughts on putting together good sets.

Episode 46 - Band Marketing Basics

This episode wraps up my mini-series to help you get your band up and running and get more gigs. Enjoy!

Episode 47 - The Beaver Effect

In this episode I explain The Beaver Effect and give examples of the amazing things it can do for you as a musician. Have fun!

Episode 48 - Finding The One

You've chosen to play an instrument. You got your hands on one "good enough to start on" and now you are on a quest to find the perfect match for you. Let me tell you about the instruments I've owned over the years.

Episode 49 - Magic and Music

There are striking similarities between the art of pulling a rabbit out of a hat and performing a great bluegrass show. In this episode I share what I learned as a magician before I was bitten by the bluegrass bug.

Episode 50 - Timeless Advice

This episode discusses a bit of wisdom which I found lurking in the preface to a 1909 music book. I read it and thought "I've said the same thing to every student I ever had!"

Episode 51 - Tuning Talk

This episode goes down the rabbit hole of this thing called tuning. The discussion twists and turns more than Earl's D-tuners. I examine the A440 standard, introduce you to the concept of equal temperament and the false notion of perfection.

Episode 52 - Trivia Night

This will test your basic bluegrass knowledge. I also spend a little time talking about how playing music is very similar to the world's oldest profession. Trivia game answers are on the show notes page.

Episode 53 - You Can Write a Tune

In this episode I do my best to encourage you to try writing your own tunes. I divide my time between technical tips and philosophical considerations.

Episode 54 - Just Go

In this episode I give an "after action report" on a recent trip to see the Del McCoury Band perform at the Georgia Theater in Athens, Georgia. I talk about why you absolutely cannot "do bluegrass" from the comfort of your couch. Have fun!

Episode 55 - Choose One Thing

In this episode I discuss one of the best ways to improve the quality and results of your practice. I make the case for constructive tunnel vision. Have fun!

Episode 56 - How To Learn From Videos

Online video instruction is taking over from private lessons and books but I am not sure everyone knows how to make the best use of this one way stream of information. Try these ideas if you are using videos to improve your playing Have fun!

Episode 57 - Go To A Bluegrass Festival

Bluegrass festivals are the great tribal gatherings of folks like you. Tired of being surrounded by friends and co-workers who don't "get it" like you do? Pick a festival, make a plan, and go. And don't forget to take your instrument!


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