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Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio Podcast

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Episode 58 - Your Timeline

We are all on a timeline. Events and choices come along and affect our ability levels and our life. In this episode I run a timeline of myself and try to reveal what causes the ups and downs.

Have fun!

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Links and additional information about this episode:

While recording this episode I was working from a couple of pencil drawn sketches. After the show I sat down and recreated the charts using "Numbers" on the Mac. Here is the first chart of my "ability level" on most of the instruments I play shown over time:

skill chart over time - me

Notice those rises in ability level. Most of them are brought on by performing situations. And notice the "late in life" upswings in bass and dobro. It's never too late! Take a snap shot from 1993 and you will see me as primarily a mandolin player. How about 2017? Most folks think of me as a bass player and dobro man. Weird huh?

Here is a chart of a typical student. You know. The guy who buys a banjo or a mandolin, signs up for lessons, gives it h.e. double hockey sticks for a few months, and then fades into obscurity. (Don't be THIS guy!)

skill level chart

And here is a chart of a student who either a) had a teacher who was actually paying attention and provided a remedy or b) the student decided to take the risk and join a band.


See those upswings? Good practice, good teaching, performing situations, surrounding yourself with better players, getting away from that easy chair, ... Make THIS your chart.

Don't be Uncle Rico.


Does anyone actually read this stuff. The numbers say no but your eyes say yes. If you actually read this stuff send me an email and say so, otherwise I may just ditch the "show notes" hassle. : )

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