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Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio Podcast episode 68

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The podcast for people who play bluegrass music or want to!

Episode 68 - Lemme See That Bass

This is the second episode in a series describing the things I look at with a student when they first walk in the door dragging an instrument behind them. We need to make sure the beast is playable and then try to make it sound good.

In this episode I talk bass fiddle, shot bags, the sound post, the "every third doorway" rule and a lot of other fun stuff. Even if you don't play the bass, you know a bass player and you need to show 'em some love! They make you sound so good and you need to thank them and throw 'em an extra twenty.

That lousy $40 bucks you each got paid at the last gig will buy you a steak dinner, a couple of beers and two new sets of mandolin strings. Your poor sucker bass player has to work FOUR of those lousy gigs to get the set of bass strings he's savin' up for. Quit dissin' the bass player.

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I didn't mention this in the podcast but I meant to:

My Bluegrass Bass Instruction Course

bluegrass bass instruction course

The outro music for this episode is a little basement demo recording by The Incorrigible String Band, a band I played bass in with a neighbor and a couple of my students: Cory Chambers, guitar; Hal Turpin, mandolin; Rick "Harps" Jackson, harmonica; and myself on bass. The song is called "Why?" and was written by Cory if my memory serves me correctly.

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