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Grass Talk Radio Forum

grasstalkradio forum information

I have set up a forum for listeners of Grass Talk Radio. Just click the banner above, create a user name and password, and join the discussions! My name on the forum is "Admin" and I have started a couple of threads to get things up and running.

Let me explain why I am doing this: There are so many ways we can communicate in this internet age. But, frankly, there are too many to keep track of.

A listener to the show could email me, write me a letter, send me a text, leave a comment on YouTube, write a comment on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean and who know where else! It is impossible to keep up with!

Patreon is great, and I certainly appreciate the Patrons who support the show with donations, but I don't want people to be forced to pay just to say something.

There are also forums, such as Mandolin Cafe and Banjo Hangout, but in those mega forums there is a huge population of folks dropping in who may have never listened to one episode of Grass Talk Radio. Same goes for Facebook groups and pages. There is just way too much happening there to suit me.

I want to keep it simple and create a place where folks who actually listen to the show can hop on easily, offer their comments and suggestions and talk among themselves if they like regarding the show.

I hope you will click the link, set up a user account, and start posting. My life, and hopefully yours too, will be much simpler if we have one place we can all hang out together to discuss all of the crazy ideas, guests, and topics I have raised in these many episodes. You can rest assured that I will be dropping into the forum.

Click here to see the forum and make your own account. Post a little something introducing yourself. I want to hear from you.

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