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Bradley Laird's Grass Talk Radio Podcast

grasstalkradio episode 27

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The podcast for people who play bluegrass music or want to!

Episode 27 - Real Listening

In this episode we explore the art of listening. Learning how to focus, filter, isolate or hear "the whole" will make you a better musician. Enjoy the show!

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The tracks that I dissected in this episode were performed by my old band Pony Express. The song is called "One Car Funeral Procession" and was written by Fred Carter. Unfortunately, we eventually sold the last of the CDs and is no longer available for sale.

The members of the band on that recording are:

Buddy Ashmore, lead vocal and guitar; Bradley Laird, baritone vocal and mandolin; Randy Godwin, tenor vocal and bass; David Ellis, banjo; and Mike Estes, fiddle.

That is my 9 year old son Jackson doing the intro to the episode. It's fun to do things like that with him. Great kid!


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