Sally Gooden is a Good 'Un

Posted by Bradley Laird

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Sally Gooden is a good 'un for so many reasons. It has a simple chord progression, a good melody, words if you care to sing it, isn't usually played so dad-gummed fast, and is a great tune to improvise over.

Need a simple two chord tune to practice that offbeat rhythm on your mandolin? Sally Gooden, besides being a popular old-time fiddle tune, sounds great on the mandolin and the banjo too! I can almost guarantee that you will hear it at the next jam session. (If you don't, all you have to do is ask and, trust me, all the veteran pickers will know it and will be happy to play it!)

Here is a free video lesson I created to get you rolling with those mandolin chops:


If you need a good beginning course in playing the mandolin take a look at my Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course. Among other things it includes a beginner lead break for Sally Gooden.

brad laird beginning mandolin course

When you are ready to learn some more interesting ways to improvise on this tune, down the neck and up the neck, it will be worth your while to study this video lesson:

4 Ways to Play the Lead to Sally Gooden... It comes with two practice MP3 tracks and a PDF with the tab and standard notation for all 4 solos.

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