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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

Not just information... transformation!

mandolin beginning package

beginning mandolin instruction course

Brad Laird's Metronome MP3 Tracks Collection

Jam Session Survival


Mandolin Essentials Package

This package includes Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course, Jam Session Survival, The Mandolin Handbook plus 4 FREE Bonus video lessons. Perfect for beginners and costs less than 1 private lesson. Only $25! You can check out the full description by clicking this link.

Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course

If you have never played a note on a mandolin or need a refresher, please take a look at my Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course. These are the exact lessons I use with my own students and are the perfect preparation for the material in my other books. The Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course digital download is only $15!

You get my 43 page eBook with 36 audio tracks. It also includes a tuning track and 3 metronome tracks. You can check out the full description and see a free preview by clicking this link.

The Metronome on Audio CD (MP3 Tracks)

This is a great way to organize a perfect practice session. I used to sell this on CD but it is now available as MP3 downloads so you can start using them right away.

Mandolin Excursion eBook

44 Tunes and solos to improve your playing. The tunes run the gamut from breaks to bluegrass standards, classic jam session tunes, offbeat original tunes, Celtic tunes, and old-time fiddle numbers. Learn something new today!

Who is Bradley Laird?

Here is a little biographical information about the creator of all of these mandolin instruction materials.

Directory of All of My Mandolin Instructional Video Lessons

These videos work really well hand-in-hand with the Mandolin Master Class book. Check 'em out.

The Jam Session Survival Kit

This site has a list of the top 100 most frequently played bluegrass jam session tunes. You can download the top 10 cheat sheets for free. These are a great help for beginning mandolin, banjo, guitar, dobro and bass players.

Free Newsletter Archive

Browse through my old "MandoUniversity" newsletters. There is lots of good information and fun stuff in there.


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