FREE BANJO LESSONS Bradley Laird's Free Banjo Lesson site is here!

FREE CLAWHAMMER BANJO LESSONS Bradley Laird's Free Clawhammer Lesson site is located here!

FREE MANDOLIN LESSONS Brad's Free Mandolin lessons are here.

BLUEGRASS JAM TRACKS My favorites for beginners and intermediate players. Grab the free samples and try them out today.

BRAD'S JAM SESSION SURVIVAL KIT Free Chord Progression Cheat Sheets






Welcome to! This site is filled with information to help you learn to play bluegrass and old-time music. To see it all just scroll down this page. Have fun and visit often! Here are links to all of my websites:

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Grass Talk Radio - My free podcast for people who play bluegrass or are learning to play bluegrass.


play the mandolin with free chord charts and tablature

Play The Mandolin - Everything you need to learn to play the mandolin written in plain english with lots of chord charts and tablature. All of my free video mandolin lessons are here.


brad laird's mandolin books and lessons

Mando University - This is the home of all of my downloadable mandolin instruction books. It is also the repository of the archive of my mandolin newletter back issues.


play the banjo free banjo lessons

Play The Banjo Today - This is the Bradley Laird free Scruggs / bluegrass style banjo lessons. Put those picks on and dive right in!


banjo ebook and courses

Bradley Laird's Banjo e-Books - My banjo e-books are available here. Home of The Flint Hill Scrolls - The Forbidden Book of Banjo Knowledge.


free bluegrass jam tracks

Bluegrass Jam Tracks - 191 jam tracks at a range of tempos and keys. Free sample tracks. Get to jammin!


free clawhammer banjo lessons

How to Play Clawhammer Banjo - This is the place for free clawhammer banjo lessons. Got a 5 string? Get to jammin!


bluegrass upright bass double bass lessons

Bluegrass Bass Instruction - This is my 93 page PDF downloadable course teaching bluegrass style upright bass. Maybe nobody else appreciates you, but I do!


free bluegrass chord progression cheat sheets

Jam Session Survival Kit - Free chord progressions and cheat sheets for the most popular jam session tunes. Download the PDF eBook here.


free guide to bluegrass jam sessions

Free Bluegrass Jamming eBook - Download this 65 page PDF eBook and learn the ins and outs of bluegrass jamming. The free download also includes a 25% discount coupon off any of my instructional products.


Free Newsletter

Free Student Newsletter - Sign up for my free monthly newsletter and get tips, news, articles, discounts and updates to help your playing.


Get the whole family playing together

Bluegrass Family Band Song Book - Basic bluegrass arrangements for all 5 instruments in the same keys. Includes banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle, lyrics, etc.


free dulcimer lessons

How to Play Dulcimer - Free beginning Mountain Dulcimer lessons with tablature and tuning tracks. Link to my eBook course here too.


free bluegrass guitar lessons

How to Play Bluegrass Guitar - Loaded with free guitar chord charts. Quit all that strumming in 4/4 time. This ain't an Eagle's tune. Bluegrass guitar is pretty simple but it has it own set of rules. Here they are.


the ancient order of the mandolin

The Ancient Order of the Mandolin - Esoteric mandolin site. This site is only for the select few. mandolin banjo

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